Herbs to Research

Honey suckle                Rosemary    Ladies Thumb http://www.luminearth.com/ladys-thumb-polygonum-persicaria/

Star Anise              Lavender,          Mint,              Oregano, cinnemon, fennel, dill  licorice root

Tea Tree                            wild horseradish                   English Ivy for Copd (poisonous for external use)

Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae  blue green algae from Upper Klamath Lake Oregon

Duck Potato           plantago               dandylion         california poppy

moneywort       miners lettuce      Amaranth Burdock                                       Lobilia (asthma copd)

field indweed (wild morning glory)

Birch Tree Magic Wands:

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Ginseng                   Filaree (made sissors as a kid, sword shape, dried into a curl when wet it spirals)

Trilium                    mistletoe (high blood pressure) cold infusion not hot, hot makes it poison)

oak galls (oak balls, oak apple)

Red Raspberry

Liquid Amber Seeds, Include how to get the seeds from pods.

Chapter on Fermenting

Chapter on Tinctures

Morning Glory Seeds, also recipe for getting high

Body Oils  Rose, Thieves Oil, hand lotion, homemade vapor rub

Rose Hips, and Recipes for Rose hips

Black Walnut Hulls


Onion,  and folk

Insect Repellent

Pine tree

Wild onion, wild garlic,

Pepper Tree

olive leaf


Smoking Herbs:



mushroom growing

vapor rub:

1/2 cup olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil

2  tablespoons bees wax

10 Rosemary oil drops

20 Eucaliptis oil drops

20 Pepperment oil drops

10 cinnemon or cloves oil drops optional

Melt bees wax and olive oil in double boiler, add essential oils, pour into container with tight lid.

Dilute 1/2 for small children or babies


Chap stick:

homemade shampoo and conditioner

homemade laundry soap







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