Chinese face map

Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, manifests certain symptoms whenever something goes wrong in the body, and this is evident on the face.

The Chinese medicine teaches us that every area of our face is related to particular organs of our organism, and our face shows it anytime when we suffer from any imbalance, most often by the occurrence of pimples, rashes and changes in the skin’s color.


Forehead: bladder and small intestine

Cause: consumption of large amounts of fats and canned food which leads to slow digestion; in addition, consuming too much sugar and alcohol, night life and stress.

Cure: raw food, large amounts of water, avoidance of alcohol and more sleep.

Between the eyebrows: liver

Cause: The stomach does not rest as much as it needs and feels tired, so it is required that it works too much when you consume a lot of meat and you might be allergic to some foods.

Cure: healthy and fresh foods, fresh air, yoga or any other exercises, fast walk and meditation.

Eyebrow arch: kidneys

Cause: alcohol, smoking cigarettes, poor circulation and weakened heart.

Cure: reduction of the caffeine intake and avoidance of sweetened drinks and alcohol. Drink plenty of water instead.

Nose: heart

Cause: gasses, bloated stomach, polluted air, closed space and poor circulation. It may also be the case of hypertension.

Cure: Check your cholesterol level and regulate your blood pressure. You must exercise. Moreover, in order to detoxify the body, drink organic green tea.

Upper part of the cheeks: lungs

Cause: smoking, pollution and asthma. Also, there is a possibility of dark circles around your eyes.

Cure:In case you are a smoker, quit it as soon as you can, and do not expose on polluted air or cigarette smoke. Throughout the day, find some additional activities or start exercising.

Cheeks: lungs and kidneys

Cause: unhealthy food, overall consumption of sugar,smoking, stress

Cure: Use only high quality cosmetic products and do not consume unhealthy foods

Mouth and chin: stomach

Cause: Sugar, fatty foods, and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol. This area is most impacted while using spiced foods. Moreover, stress and staying up deep in the night can also lead to imbalance.

Cure: Consume large amounts of fruits and foods that will balance your organism. Consult your doctor if the problem continues.

Jaw and neck: hormones

Cause: Drinking small amounts of water, overall intake of salt and season food, as well as the overall consummation of caffeine.

Cure: Drink large amounts of water every day and reduce the consumption of seasons, salt and caffeine.



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