More and more people are becoming less and less confident in the pharmacutical industries ability to “heal” our ailments. Most doctors prescribe a plathoria of drugs. Most only to aliviate the symptoms of disease, but not really to heal the disease.

So, with that in mind, this is a tutorial on the most common wild weeds that grow profusely in the north state that will Heal your ailments.

We have become more aware of the damage the chemicals induce on our healthy body. Often times one pill will cause side effects that damage our liver or kidney, cause swelling, or high blood pressure. When confronting a doctor with the  “side effects” of high blood pressure or swelling or a host of other things, he is quick to prescribe another pill to help reduce the other symptoms caused by the original drug. A person can wind up taking a handful of medications for just one problem.

So, the solution is to take responsibility for our own healing. And utilizing mother-natures medicine cabinet, located in your own weed patch.


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